Products Litigation

Products Litigation

Manufacturers and distributors are required by law to produce safe products. Unfortunately, even when used correctly or for its intended purpose, a product can be flawed, and even harmful, causing personal injuries. Compensation may be awarded if a company provided improper warnings or inaccurate instructions for a product’s use or if a product has a design or manufacturer defect.

Matters involving products litigation are very complex and can involve a wide range of products, such as toys, equipment, tools, medication, cars, and the list goes on. Goshgarian & Associates represents both individuals and corporations dealing with product litigation claims and represents both plaintiffs and defendants involving these issues.

The federal government regulates some aspects of consumer product safety, but the laws affecting products liability litigation generally exists at the state level — with California having some of the most complex. These laws also protect companies who are wrongly accused of manufacturing products that are allegedly defective. The benefit of our representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in the product liability area gives us the experience to understand the claims of both the consumer and the defenses of the manufacturer, as well as the applicability of insurance coverage, so that we can utilize this experience in your case.

Whether the best course of action is in mediation, negotiated settlement or litigation, Goshgarian & Associates has the knowledge, and experience necessary to investigate a claim and apply the law to protect the interests of our client.


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