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General Legal Advice & Business Transactions

Goshgarian & Associates prides itself on advising and assisting our clients with respect to its business transaction needs and providing our diverse client base general legal advice on an ongoing basis. Goshgarian & Associates are business attorneys, with the legal and business background to counsel clients through the myriad of legal obstacles and decisions that are confronted by every business in this ever changing business environment.

Our business clients range from large international corporations and smaller closely held corporations, to individuals who have carved out a business in this difficult environment. These businesses include manufacturers, service providers, large format and lithography printer providers, waste handlers and street sweeping providers, equipment manufacturers, contractors, engineers, fabricators, professionals, land developers, realtors, insurance agencies and brokers, investment professionals, medical professionals and healthcare providers, and the list goes on and on. For more than 30 years our firm has stood behind and counseled these clients from the inception of their businesses to the creation of subsidiaries throughout the world. The economic times that we have all experienced since the early 1980's have taught us all a wealth of knowledge regarding how businesses need to respond to difficulties they are facing in order to be successful.

Our services include negotiating contracts with suppliers, vendors, competitors, licensors, and franchisees, partners, shareholders, to name a few. Goshgarian & Associates is continually involved in finding solutions for its business clients through its experience and knowledge.  

Goshgarian & Associates also assists clients in entity formation, reformation, purchase and sale of companies or its assets, merger and acquisition, and partnerships.  

Our business clients define our firm's commitment to our clientele and our profession.

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